Mr. Nguyen Binh Duong

Founder - Executive Chairman

Working in the Vietnam capital markets since the early days, Mr. Duong’s career has gone through many ups and downs in the capital markets, the banking industry and the motion of Vietnam economy after the second half of “Renovation” – “Doi Moi” period. He has captured valuable experiences through the time working with top financial institutions in ASEAN such as CIMB and leading State-owned corporations in Vietnam like PetroVietnam. He had worked with Techcombank, HD Bank. He had also witnessed the golden stage growth as well as the deterioration of the private banking sector in Vietnam over the period from 2008 to 2013.

These valuable experiences have helped Mr. Duong to build and develop Dragon Holdings Group with several investee companies such as AAA Valuation, DHBF Institute, Dragon Holdings Advisor and Fund Management, and numerous investment portfolios owned by Dragon Holdings. Mr. Duong believes that Dragon Holdings, with its cutting-edge business structure, will become the leading financial, investment banking and invesment service provider in Vietnam.

Apart from working experience, Mr. Duong had proved to be a business mindset person since he was young. He made investments in start-up companies when he was an university student. Mr. Duong had also involved in serveral fund raising projects of investors from Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Thailand into companies in Vietnam during the time he studied abroard (2007-2008). Currently, Mr. Duong is an “Angel Investor” for serveral start-up companies. And he has also been in charge of position such as the “Member of the Board of Directors” in several corporations in which Dragon Holdings invest or implement the corporate restructuring.

Mr. Duong is an expert in fund-raising and restructuring in the following projects:

Energy and Petroleum industry: Carried out the Indonesia-based mining company and Russia-based liquefied petroleum gas company acquisition projects for PetroVietnam; and conducted the PetroVietnam’s divesment process in PV oil, PVFV Land, and PVFV invest.

Banking and FMCG industry: Participated in capital raising process for Masan Group and bond issuance procedure for Techcombank; constructed Wholesale banking strategy for Techcombank; and built Japanese Desk for HD Bank.

Aviation industry: Directed the fund raising process for Vietjet Airlines; made investment recommendation for Vietnam Airlines in terms of establishing aircraft interior maintenance segment

Real estate industry: Conducted business restructuring and capital raising for various corporations such as: Nam Cường Corporation, Cát Tường, Dinco, TID, Dolphin Plaza, Vegecam III, Northern Vietnam food, and Hữu Nghị Food; and got involved in the acquisitions of several subsidiaries of SCIC and many State-owned corporations.

Education: Mr. Duong has been awarded a Master's Degree in Financial Management with distinction from a Global MBA Program, held by the Assumption University of Thailand with the association of University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Toulouse University in France, and City University in the USA. He was educated in a Bachelor with the major of Financial Management at Hanoi University in Vietnam.