Professional Development in Banking and Finance

DHBF Institute is one of the top educational centers that provide Banking and Finance courses in Vietnam. Our professional training programs are intended to meet the needs of people who are working or wanting to work in the Banking and Financial sector. The training curriculum, which follows the principles and standards of CFA Institute and the Core competency standards of many top banking and finance institutions such as: HSBC, Standard Chartered and ING…are designed to match the experience and ability of each students. We also assist many financial institutions in managing human resources and conducting operational restructuring in accordance with the prime models of top consulting firms like McKinsey and BCG.

DHBF Institute, in addition, offers English training courses to support its Banking and Finance professional training programs. We believe this is a timely response to the higher and higher expectation of recruiters nowadays as the business community in Vietnam is increasingly moving towards international economic integration.

DHBF Institute also provides a wide range of English training classes to suit all ages, levels, interests and learning needs.

Our professional training programs include:

  • Banking and Finance practical and professional training.
  • Employee training and re-training program to meet the workforce skill requirements.
  • Human Resource Management in Banking and Finance.
  • English for International Banking and Finance.
  • English for Communication.
  • English for kids.


We have assisted many Banking and Financial institutions and Business organizations in corporate staff training