About us


Dragon Holdings Advisor and Investment Management Company is a full service investment banking founded in 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our principals have decades of combined experience in global investment banking, with over US$10 billion in deals executed globally. Dragon Holdings possesses a unique combination of deal execution expertise and a broad network of relationships with international investors, investment banks, and Vietnam corporates and decision makers. In Vietnam, Our equity investment portfolios have participated in financial service, real estate, and education services. And our core base of global institutional investors recognize Vietnam’s state own enterprises privatization as an investment opportunities and invest with us to capture this opportunity. Dragon Holdings is a team of investment bankers, attorneys, and accountants, supported by a global platform with partners in the U.S, EU and Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar. Dragon Holdings has the depth of knowledge and the breadth of experience to provide and execute a full range of services for our clients.

Certificate of Incorporation of Dragon Holdings Group was granted on 18th October 2017 in London. Dragon Holdings Group is a UK focus merchant bank, global financial and  fund management firm, specializing in providing fund and asset management in europe and asia

Dragon Holdings also actively invests in agricultures, fertilizer, oil and gas drilling, and mining sector in emerging market such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. Our investment also focuses on companies with high potential growth and high development motivation, specifically in financial services, education services, agriculture services, ecommerce and logistic services.

Our objective is to help international investors to explore and seize the potential opportunities of Vietnam as well as to facilitate opportunities for Vietnamese companies to access abundant capital resources from international investors.

Recently, Dragon Holdings Group has been held  strategic stake equity of Vinaglobal Securities Corporation which is full license of securitirs service and also has been wholelyowned AAA Valuation Company to implement strategy of becoming leading company in providing corporate finance services in Vietnam.

After mostly decade, Dragon Holdings Group is positioned as Vietnam leading financial consulting firm and investment institution.

Dragon Holdings Group in the United Kingdom has established with objective to provide professional capital services for international investors and also aim to become company that complies with strict standard and regulation of United Kingdom. Currently, we have been managed a  private trust capital, which is worth USD 40 million.       

We have seen Vietnam as one of the most attractive market in Asia-Pacific and advantage of Vietnam in One belt and One road Policy of China. Especially, in the context of Vietnam economy, Vietnam have passed new emerging stage and stepped into its sustainable growth stage, we aim to become a potential partners and contribute to Vietnam enterprises development, and also facilitate integration process into the “ASEAN +”

To achieve this vision, we have developed and owned several financial services firm which are professional and dynamic in product and servies provider. Our  membercompanies always deliver creativity and efficient financial services for both individual and corporate clients.


  • Financial Services for Institutional clients:Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Business Restructuring, Business Valuation, and Fund Raising services, Trustee Management
  • Financial services for Individual clients: Wealth Management, Trustee Management.
  • Business Development and Investments: We directly invest in business to support the companies through providing our capital and human resources. Our management team members are financial experts who are specialized in financial management, business restructuring and capital budget. Our team includes Vietnamese managers with local practical experiences, and international managers with experiences from multinational corporations and extensive relationships with regional and international leading financial institutions. We not only aim to take the investee companies to the next level, but also want to support companies that are dealing with financial, governance and development strategy issues.
  • International market:With the ambition to develop a world-class corporation in Vietnam, we have carried out our market expansion strategy through the establishment of fund management company in United Kingdom, and representative office in Czech Republic, and representative office in ASEAN (Yangon – Myanmar, Bangkok – Thailand) and the investment cooperation program with companies in Hong Kong and Singapore to mobilize international resources to Vietnam as well as carry Vietnamese companies moving forward to regional and global integration.